The Mindfulness Center

Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

60 minutes............................... $130
90 minutes...............................

During sessions with Dr. Alloway, you will be thoroughly examined which leads to a correct diagnosis and proper treatment protocols that will be implemented in a timely and appropriate manner. His goal is for you to attain optimal status given your genetics, medical history, and willingness to adapt techniques to maximize your healing from whatever challenges you are contending with. Dr. Alloway's forte is helping you navigate through life to attain your health goals and thus become the actualized personage that you are striving to become. His practice is diversely holistic so each person will have an individualized, self-directed, self-actualization program to attain your optimization goals. Work together to explore the unfolding of your life's path.

Dr. William John Alloway, D.C. 

Doctor of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy with specialties in electronic acupuncture, nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy, aromatherapy, physical rehabilitation, and spiritual counseling. Graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1981, licensed in Maryland in 1981, and in constant private practice since 1981. 

"I saw Dr. Alloway for chiropractic and he was excellent, on time and very professional and he fixed the back issue I was having." - L.S.

"Walking into the center itself was a warm, relaxing and inviting experience. I really appreciate the optimistic attitude of the Center and their commitment to holistic healing. The staff was friendly, helpful and above all, CALM. Unlike my experiene at an alopathic doctor's office, my appointment time was respected and I was not rushed at all and given full undivided attention! Dr. Alloway is an amazing chiropractor who gives a thorough treatment and educates you while treating you. I truly felt cared for, heard, understood and respected. I am looking forward to participating in other treatments that are offered at the Cener and I highly recommend this center to anyone!" - P.K.