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The Path to Occupational Wellness

Worksite wellness programs are a smart investment in the health and productivity of employees. Comprehensive worksite wellness programs have proven to lower health care and insurance costs, improve employee morale, decrease absenteeism, improve productivity and realize a positive return on investment.

The Mindfulness Center conducts corporate wellness programs providing wellness workshops, stress-management, work-life balance, team-building, empowerment and leadership training, counseling and trauma remediation, office yoga, nutrition and health fair coordination among other medical or consulting services. Thousands of employees, managers and executives have been coached and trained by our staff at The Mindfulness Center. Many small, medium and large businesses including government agencies, professional corporations, technical and engineering firms, educational organizations, non-profits, and associations benefit from our services.

We teach meditation and other mind-body techniques as the foundation for optimal living. Help your employees reach their optimal health with wellness programs that are proven to improve quality of life, well-being and longevity. The Mindfulness Center will help you and your organization develop a custom wellness program suited to your organization's needs. We work in partnership with our clients to help individuals and teams take full advantage of their unique capabilities in achieving superior results in their business and community. Employees that lead healthier lifestyles and become more knowledgeable health care consumers, have a beneficial impact on your bottom line.  

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Corporate Wellness Program Selections

Lifestyle Wellness Package

This program addresses the many facets of lifestyle practices involved in wellness, including nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep hygiene and behavioral change. Drug abuse education/prevention is an option in this package.

One-time Overview: One and one-half (1 ) hour session. Appropriate for all ages and abilities.

Expected outcome: Strategies for creating positive behavioral change leading to a healthier lifestyle. Knowledge of integrating healthy lifestyle changes to create optimal well-being. Teaches stress management strategies effective in home and workplace, to reduce stress and improve creative and functional outcomes.

Stress Management Package

Approaches to managing stress are as multifold as the sources of stress. This program covers strategies useful in managing and reducing stress. This program addresses both stress in the workplace and in personal life, as research shows one affects the other. Topics covered include identifying sources of stress, time management, quick stress reducers to use to manage acute stressful situations. Learn about relaxation techniques, long-term stress reduction techniques, and to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This program explores causes of stress, reactions to stress, and the health effects of stress and benefits of stress reduction.

One-time Overview: One and one-half (1 ) hour session. Appropriate for all ages and abilities.

Expected Outcome: Knowledge of sources of stress, methods for reducing stress (long-term and short-term), and achieving relaxation. Awareness of the importance of stress reduction in healthy living and productivity.

Three-week session: Three one-hour sessions. Appropriate for all ages and abilities.

Expected Outcome: Knowledge as indicated above, as well as an opportunity to explore personal stressors and reactions to stress, as well as gain practice in a variety of stress reduction strategies.

Meditation Package

Offering weekly meditation sessions, ranging from 50-minutes to day-long retreats. Meditation programs are most effective when provided for 8-weeks at a time, so The Meditation Package is designed with this in mind. Single sessions are an option for those curious to be introduced to the meditation process. The meditation offered is not affiliated with any specific religion, but is supportive of any individual's cultural background. It is primarily based on a mindfulness approach.Eight-week session: Eight 50-minute sessions of guided meditation instruction, provided once per week. Appropriate for all ages and abilities. Expected outcome: This program is designed on the basis of extensive research showing the benefits of meditation for occupational wellness and productivity. On the basis of this research, the expected outcomes can include: Improved communication, work productivity and performance. Enhanced customer service. Reduced absenteeism. Greater job enjoyment and easier conflict resolution. Reduced stress, greater memory and creativity. Improved health status.

Medical Package

This program is offered separately or in combination with any of the other programs described above, and includes information on specific health concerns including weight loss, immunization/vaccines, smoking cessation, drug abuse, diabetes, heart disease and cancer prevention, lactation facilities, and mental health issues.Program options customized to your company's needs.

Cost: Dependent upon options selected.

Private sessions are available for individuals who are in need of intensive personalized consult on any of these topics.

Other topics of interest which may be included:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Safe practices: Biohazards, ergonomics
  • Dealing with contagious diseases
  • CPR and First Aid