Umbria, Italy - Retreat Packing Recommendations

What To Wear:

Regional weather in September and October is generally warm during the day and cooler during the evening. Highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s are average. In essence, the season is the height of autumn perfection.

Consider packing:

·  Yoga matts (mats and props will also be available at the retreat center)

· Short and long sleeved shirts for 8 total days of travel

· Light jacket or sweater and pants for cool evenings

· Comfortable shoes for walking and hiking

· Sunblock and bug repellant

· Yoga clothing

· Swim suits

· Water bottle

· Hat/sunglasses

· Some cash (in euros)

· Medicins, supplements, toiletries

· Converters for phone and laptop chargers!

· Journal and pen

· Passport

· Wallet

*Get some Euros before you leave. Go to your bank at home and exchange a small amount of cash, just enough for basic spending upon arrival. That way upon arriving in Italy and an ATM machine is down or hard to find, you aren't stressed. But don’t go nuts exchanging too much. And don’t exchange money at the airport because they usually charge an exorbitant fee and they never give you the true going exchange rate, but always give you less in euros than your home-country currency is worth.