Mindfulness In Education: Schools

Sponsored by The Mindfulness Center 
A 501(C)3 Non-Profit Wellness Center

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Stress, anxiety and mental health issues are a growing concern for students. These concerns are associated with high drop-out rates, substance abuse and other harmful behaviors. To address this epidemic, The Mindfulness Center is currently working with public and private schools throughout the region to empower children with mindfulness skills. Mindfulness practices have proven to improve social skills, emotional well-being, physical health, and academic achievement, along with mental health, quality of life, leadership skills, and general overall well-being. The Mindfulness Center works with area schools developing and implementing mindfulness programs, teaching students social, emotional, and other lifelong empowerment skills.

We are now bringing this program to school teachers and staff in our 5-DAY SUMMER RETREAT + ONLINE MEDITATION TEACHER TRAINING CERTIFICATION.
Learn how your school can participate, or apply now to sponsor two teachers from your school to attend.

Programs we have implemented:
• Montgomery County, Howard County, Baltimore County, Fairfax County Public Schools after-school meditation and yoga programs for students and teachers.
• Dozens of private elementary school, high school and university programs.
• Children's National Medical Center research evaluating mindfulness interventions for children in pain.
• Mindfulness Retreats providing professional development for faculty, staff and administrators to learn mindfulness techniques.
• Online Mindfulness Meditation education programs for faculty and staff.

One example of our program in action is at Damascus High School where over 65 students, from a community plagued by student drug use and addiction, participated in Yoga and Meditation classes provided by The Mindfulness Center, to promote student empowerment and drug abuse prevention.

Our elementary school is so very grateful that you took the time to come and speak with our parents about the importance of mindfulness! Each parent had nothing but positive things to say and each left with a great sense of:  1. why and how to easily practice mindfulness in their daily lives. 2. how to instill practices in their children so that they too feel more positivity, focus, and clarity. 3. how to better connect with their children through mindful practices.

Even parents who were unable to attend the session were calling and requesting info on you and on The Mindfulness Center! In the days since your visit, I have had parents detailing how they now use deep breathing, touch, and moments to pause in order to calm and shift mindsets in everything from rush hour traffic rage, to work task pile-ups, to child meltdowns! 

You are amazing and you are changing lives for the better. Thank you eternally for your time and for your efforts in promoting a healthy mind and body! 

Thank you so much, again, for everything that you have done!