Facilitating the evolution of the standard of healthcare from one of managing disease to one of fostering health.

Health Coaching

Harness the healing power of the mind

relieve Pain & Depression

Promote Healthy Sleep

Break unhealthy habits

Health Coaching

Similar to a coach helping athletes excel, Health coaching helps individuals cultivate a healthier lifestyle and excel at living their life.

Roxanne specializes in digestive health, pain management, autoimmune conditions and women’s health.

Health coaching can be beneficial in treating 
A range of conditions

  • Are you seeking nutritional or dietary support?
  • Do you have digestive or inflammation issues?
  • Are you looking for more balance in your life?
  • Would you like help in making your health and your family’s health a priority in a manageable way?

Roxanne will support you as you shift to a more mindful and enjoyable way of eating and living. 
This is not a one size fits all approach. Roxanne will help you explore ways to bring mindfulness to your health practices to create sustainable healthy habits and lasting positive changes. Individual sessions include personalized best practices in diet, yoga, and meditation.

“Roxanne is a kind, non-judgmental, and understanding health coach who shows just the support you need when experiencing a challenging time with your personal health. Roxanne provides an in-depth list of nutritional and lifestyle tools and recommendations that fit your needs and seeks to help you in all areas of your life that contribute to health. Sometimes what you need is someone willing to listen and provide guidance, insight, advice, and encouragement to move you forward. I can assure you from working with Roxanne that she is a great person to help you with this!” - RB


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and 

Roxanne Lerner, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and RY-200, is a certified holistic health coach and yoga teacher. Her mindfulness-based approach to wellness and nutrition empowers her clients to make connections between how they feel, what they eat and how they are living their lives. Roxanne’s approach to healthy living is not only about nutrition and food awareness. It is also about creating a mindful lifestyle – a lifestyle that recognizes the importance of sleep, self-care and stress management.