Mindfulness In Education: Teachers

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Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet but it is also one of the most stressful. Teachers are not only responsible for the planning, execution and evaluation of their own work, they are also held accountable for the quality, performance, and successful quantitative outcomes of student learning. 

The demands of the classroom and the redefined role of the 21 st century teacher are such that pressures/stressors are enormous and ever-present. Educators face significant levels of
stress as they try to find the time during the school day to balance teaching, counseling, emails, grading, discipline, staff planning, collaborative planning, meetings, parent communication, etc. 

Teacher stress can lead to:

• Teacher burnout
• Emotional exhaustion
• Increase in stress-related illnesses
• Anxiety and depression
• Ineffective teacher performance
• Poor student relationships
• High teacher turnover

The mindful teacher bridges the gap between the passion that drives one to teach with the experience necessary to pursue a grounded, emotionally and intellectually vibrant experience amidst the challenges of the technology-driven, globally connected classrooms of today and tomorrow. The mindful teacher is less reactionary and more curious and inquisitive during stressful or intrusive classroom experiences. This in turn, creates and promotes more positive, less confrontational interactions with students as well as a more calm and peaceful classroom environment. Mindful teachers are able to motivate and inspire their students, meet and exceed expectations in the classroom, and are more likely to implement significant and lasting change that optimizes teaching and learning. They make an indisputable difference on productivity and creativity in the lives of their students. Mindful teachers are also better prepared to handle the ever-present challenges of daily occupational stress and classroom management. 


Potential Results of Mindful Teachers:


• Self awareness and self care
• Positive coping strategies and resilience
• Higher quality of instruction, engagement and learning
• Increase in teacher emotional well-being and flexibility
• Less reactive discipline and classroom management
• Faster classroom and teacher recovery from stressful/distressing interactions
• More supportive classroom environment
• Improved listening and observation skills
 • Increased cooperation and atmosphere of working together teacher to teacher and teacher to student
• Improvement in student behavior as a result of positive teacher engagement  
• Positive academic/social/emotional platforms in order to address individual student needs  
• Improved personal approaches to curricular planning/implementation
• More effective communication with students, parents and school wide community

5-day summer Retreat and teacher certification

• The Mindfulness Center offers a certification program for teachers to learn to teach meditation. This 160-certification program is offered both online and onsite. 

• We are now bringing this program to school teachers and staff in a special 5-DAY SUMMER RETREAT plus ONLINE MEDITATION TEACHER TRAINING CERTIFICATION.

• The Mindfulness in Education Program offers a free 5-DAY SUMMER RETREAT plus ONLINE MEDITATION TEACHER TRAINING CERTIFICATION for a select number of teachers*.
This Luxury retreat is held at Kent Island Resort, July, 2019. (*Your school must agree to sponsor you.) 
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