In today’s busy world, taking care of ourselves can all-too-often fall to the wayside. But The Mindfulness Center is here to help, by bringing you phone and web-based Telehealth services! You no longer have to struggle through commuting, parking and scheduling obstacles to reach your healthcare provider but can instead receive the benefits of services such as mental health counseling, psychotherapy, health coaching and private guided meditation, from the ease and comfort of your own home (or wherever life may find you)!

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Tele-Psychology and Mental Health Counseling:

Mindfulness based psychotherapy and mental health counseling:Helping to find balance and overall well being.


Dr. Amanda Skowron, LCP

Dr. Skowron, a licensed clinical psychologist, will work with you to develop a personalized approach to address stress, anxiety, life transitions, sleep, adjustment to medical issues, or other stress-related conditions by understanding how the mind impacts physical well-being and overall health. Regardless of what brings you to therapy, sessions allow you to gain self-awareness and learn ways to better navigate life situations. Difficulty making session times because of schedules and commuting? Dr. Skowron offers telehealth sessions, which eliminates obstacles to starting your health journey.

60 Minutes (Initial Session) $210
45 Minutes $185

Mindfulness based psychotherapy: Helping to find balance and overall well being. 

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Insurance: We are not directly contracted with any insurance companies. You’ll be provided with documentation to submit for reimbursement with an out-of-network provider. 

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