Meditation Teacher Training On-Site

160-hour immersion program with
Dr. Deborah Norris

What To Expect..

Are you someone looking to start a meditation practice? Is it time to make a change? Do you want to advance your practice to the next level? Or, are you compelled to deepen your understanding of your meditation practice?

The Mindfulness Centers Meditation Teacher Training program is a 160-hour immersion program that informs the participant through both didactic and experiential practices. Discussion covers the role of mindfulness-based meditation in health care, education and other community building roles, drawing on both ancient wisdom and modern evidence-basis. Experiential practice cultivates a deeper self-practice, and builds the foundation for teaching group and one-on-one sessions. 

The Mindfulness Center's Meditation Teacher Training features a unique rolling admission, allowing you to start at any time. Hours are comprised of 120 Required Course hours, 20 Elective Course hours and 20 hours of Community Service. This comprehensive training program features Professor Deborah Norris, Ph.D. founder of The Mindfulness Center™, and Director of the American University Psychobiology of Healing program. Dr. Norris is a neurobehavioral scientist and author of In the Flow: Bridging the Science and Practice of Mindfulness. She is a past professor at Georgetown University Medical School, and yoga therapist. 

This program is Co-Sponsored by the National Association of Social Workers/NASW, and offers up to 24 hours of CE's to therapists and social workers. CEU's are also offered through Yoga Alliance.


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By joining our community to become a certified meditation teacher, you will:
•Deepen your understanding of meditation through both informational content and experiential practice
•Learn the skills to apply mindfulness practices to relationships and situations of conflict, trauma, and behavioral change.
•Access and learn from the abundance of scientific evidence on the benefits of mindfulness
•Learn about the benefits of different types of meditation practices
•How to build confidence and strength in your practice and daily life
•Join a community of people who share your same interest in mindfulness
•Establish the tools, experience, and guidance to further your own mindfulness practice
$2200.00 / PER PERSON (Group rates & payment plans available)

•Evidence Based
•Mindfulness plays a role in transformation in many realms in life
•Understanding the physiological and psychological mechanisms underlying the practice

•Didactic & experiential
•Somatic (body-based) Meditation

Required courses are offered aprox. once a month, Fridays & Saturdays
Friday 6:30-9:30pm & Saturday 12:00-5:00pm
Electives are offered throughout the month.
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Please check link for accurate dates and times of workshops and applicable electives.

•$2200 Per Person
•Payment plan options available.
•Secure your place TODAY for $400!
•Limited number of partial scholarships available.
For scholarship information, contact us.

• An established personal meditation practice.
•Required textbook: In The Flow Bridge The Science
•Standard 18 month training
•Course must be completed within 24 months of enrollment
(Complete training faster by attedning retreats with Dr. Norris & Aurora Hutchinson as well as enrolling in the Online Teacher Training) (Additional cost)
•20 hours of community service providing mindfulness training to the community
•Upon completion, you'll earn a 160 hour certification as a meditation teacher. 


I am profoundly thankful that I took the opportunity to study meditation under Dr. Debbie Norris at The Mindfulness Center. I have meditated off and on for over 40 years. Five years ago I certified as a yoga instructor, and began teaching my yoga students how to meditate. Shortly after studying meditation in the Meditation Teacher Training program my own yoga students reported reaching deeper levels during our meditation sessions. Even my students who had been meditating for a few years noticed a profound change in their meditation quality. The skills I learned were particularly helpful for my work with novice meditation students. One of my students was referred to me because he had trouble sleeping. Within two weekly training sessions he was sleeping normally again. All of my students have benefited from what I learned through the Meditation Teacher Training at The Mindfulness Center.
— Sharon Jentzer, RYT200
I thoroughly enjoyed the Meditation Teacher Training at The Mindfulness Center. The format of the program enabled me to fit more meditation into my lifestyle. I enjoyed the opportunity to lead meditation when I was ready and get feedback from others. I also got a lot out of the community service component planning the DC Meditates event on the National Mall. Through the program, I expanded my knowledge on meditation and mindfulness, strengthened my practice, and met some great people!
— Ginny Hill
The mindfulness meditation training has been a life-changing practice. It has truly helped widen my awareness. It’s been over a year that I spoke with Aurora…and I am so thankful she shared that this training was’ life-changing’. It has been.
— Elva Anderson, Ph.D.