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The Mindfulness Center


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What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of being, a state of mind, a conscious connection with self, others, and an empowered ability to self-regulate. Meditation is a practice which develops a greater state of mindfulness. Just like going to the gym and working out is a practice that can make you stronger, meditation is a practice that can make you more mindful. Unlike other forms of meditation that may focus on a mantra, or simply a sound, Mindfulness Meditation also includes interoceptive awareness, or awareness of sensate experiences, as in body scanning and breath awareness. (For more on mindfulness meditation, see "In the Flow: Bridging the Science and Practice of Mindfulness", by Dr. Deborah Norris)

How Do I Register For Class?

You can find our class schedule by clicking on the classes tab on the the header of our website. If you're having trouble registering for class, please click on the video link provided below as we walk you through the steps to sign up and register for classes. Have you registered for class but still haven't received a class link? Please make sure to add to your email contacts.

Do You Have To Be A Member?

You have the option of joining as a member with a monthly membership fee and taking an unlimited number of classes, or you may purchase a class-pass, or simply drop in for one class at a time.

Who Can Attend Classes?

Anyone! Our classes are designed to be open to all. Depending on the class description, some yoga classes may be more rigorous, such classes titled “vinyasa”.

Meditation Teacher Training FAQ'S


What are the pre-requisites for enrollment into the Meditation Teacher Training (onsite) program?

The SOMA program is an advanced meditation teacher training program. Participants are expected to have familiarity with the practice and have a regular ongoing meditation practice for a minimum of 1 year.


Is your program accredited or recognized by any organizing body?

Yes. The Science of Mindful Awareness Meditation Teacher Training program is internationally renowned and has drawn participants from around the world. The program is recognized for Approved Professional Development by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) and is co-sponsored for continuing education by the National Association of Social Workers.


Since the program is on a rolling enrollment, what is the time it takes to complete the entire program?

Completion of the program is self-paced. The total number of hours required to complete the training is approximately 160 hours. If you dedicate your time to this training, it can be completed in several months. If you have other things going on in your life, it may take you longer to complete the training. Students are required to complete the training within 30 months (2 ½ years) of enrolling. Students who have not completed the training within 30 months may reapply to the program at an additional cost. Readmission is not quaranteed.


Are there payment plan options? And if so, how is the payment plan set-up?

Yes, we have 3 payment options. You can pay in advance with registration, or choose a 5-month or a 10-month payment plan option with an initial deposit at registration.


Are there additional costs outside of program costs?

There are no additional program costs to fulfill the requirements of the training. You may choose to take additional workshops offered through The Mindfulness Center beyond the program requirements. There is an extra cost for these workshops which are not included in the Meditation Teacher Training.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training FAQ'S


Are there any prerequisites for your 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program (YTT200)?

A minimum of one year of yoga practice is required before admission to the Yoga Teacher Training program. Most students who enter the 200-hr program have engaged in some form of yoga for more than a year, and are looking to take their practice to the next level, to deepen their personal practice and perhaps to teach yoga to others. Every individual comes to yoga in his or her own way. Therefore, rather than any other specific prerequisites, the Director of Education, who makes the final admission decision, reviews each application individually.


Is your program accredited or recognized by any organizing body?

Yes. Yoga Alliance has accredited and recognizes The Mindfulness Center SOMA 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. Completion of this training also fulfils part of the requirements for The Mindfulness Center, SOMA 500-hr Yoga Teacher training. Completion of the 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training also fulfils the prerequisite for the SOMA 1000-hour Professional Yoga Therapy training program recognized by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.


What if I miss a weekend training? When is the next opportunity where I can make-up my session?

The Mindfulness Center’s YTT program is comprised of 8 monthly weekend sessions. You have 18 months to complete the training. If you missed an entire session or a large portion of a session you may need to make it up the next time it is offered. Each session is offered twice within the 18 months.


Do you offer any scholarships, and if so, how do I apply?

We do have limited partial scholarships available for those with financial need. To be considered for a scholarship, you must first complete the online program application form, and then request a scholarship application form. (Click here to request program application form.)


Are there additional costs outside the main program cost of the $2950?

The cost of the training includes the 200 hours of training plus the online SOMA: YTT200 training manual. In addition to the cost of the training, there may be additional costs for textbooks and supplies. Students should also have their own mats and related yoga equipment.