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Thriving Schools, Thriving Minds

A Mindfulness-Based Mental Health Approach to Relieving Trauma, Restoring Justice, and Building Resilience

We provide customizable versions of Thriving Schools, Thriving Minds, using the six evidence-based, community-focused educational programs below. Please contact us for more information about how to tailor Thriving Schools, Thriving Minds to your school’s specific needs.

Introduction to mindfulness for teachers

Mindfulness is foundational in behavioral change. Personal empowerment, peace of mind, clarity of thought, and relief from stress are a few of the benefits that people gain from these simple practices. Our evidence-based mindfulness programs offer profound benefits for people of all ages and are a core practice of trauma-informed social and emotional learning and restorative programming.
Cost: First month, $79 per teacher.

trauma-informed social and emotional learning

Schools across the country are embracing mindfulness-based social and emotional skills to improve learning outcomes, quality of life and well-being. This science-based program raises awareness around the underlying biology of trauma, its impact on human functioning, as well as ways to be trauma-sensitive and build resilience. We provide a proactive approach to establishing the behavioral support and social culture needed for all students to achieve social, emotional and academic success. Cost: $4,000 per school for 8 weeks.

Restorative Practices for Schools

This evidence-based, community-focused program teaches non-punitive approaches to education and parenting for establishing healthy relationships, communication, social emotional skills, empathy, compassion and accountability. Program leaders facilitate implementation of “Safe Circles”, “Restorative Conversations” and other ways to incorporate mindfulness-based approaches to dealing with inappropriate behaviors. Our goal is to cultivate cultural change and social and emotional well-being within school communities. Cost: $4,000 per school for 8 weeks.

Meditation Teacher Training for Teachers

Schools across the country are embracing mindfulness practices as a way to improve student learning outcomes, quality of life and well-being. This 160-hour training program offers teachers and staff the opportunity to become certified meditation teachers, capable of establishing and maintaining mindfulness programs within their school and community. Cost: $1,700 per teacher.

Mindfulness Exercises for (Pre-k - 12th)

This program is a set of on-demand videos providing mindfulness-based exercises for stress relief and well-being for students from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, as well as teachers, and staff.  The cost of this program is $1,000 per school, and provides access to the program for one year. 

Mindfulness For Families (English + Spanish)

Mindfulness for Families; Recuccion del Estres con Mindfulness Actividades Paras Familias is a program for school families to help parents, students and siblings learn to address stress, communication, and family relations. This has been a particularly important need during this time of change, for communities across the country. This program is offered in both English and Spanish. Cost: $4,000 per school without interpreter – $4,800 with interpreter. 

Childhood is the most precious time to teach 
the lifelong skills of mindfulness.