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Every Child Thrives

a mindfulness in education initiative

As a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization, The Mindfulness Center brings charitable and educational mindfulness-based programs to students, teachers and schools.

Redefining Education

the need for mindfulness in education

The speed of business in today’s offices with rapid fire emails, short response times, multitasking, texting, and cell phones creates a significant level of stress in office operations. 

Our mindfulness programs are teaching students social, emotional, and other lifelong empowerment skills

  • Attention and focus.
  • Better grades.
  • More effective emotion regulation.
  • Better behavior in school.
  • Greater empathy and perspective-taking.
  • Better social skills.
  • Reduced test anxiety.
  • Less stress.

we offer Mindfulness Programs for:


Childhood is the most precious time to teach the lifelong skills of mindfulness. Personal empowerment, peace of mind, clarity of thought, and relief from stress are a few of the benefits that children gain from these simple practices. Our evidence-based programs offer profound benefits for children of all ages.



Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet, and it is also one of the most stressful. The mindful teacher is less reactionary, and more curious and inquisitive. They are able to motivate and inspire students, and make an indisputable difference in productivity and creativity in the lives of their students.



Schools across the country are embracing mindfulness practices as a way to improve student learning outcomes, quality of life and well-being. Whether you offer a single workshop or regular classes on mindfulness, The Mindfulness Center has experts in developing the right program for your school.


Childhood is the most precious time to teach the lifelong skills of mindfulness.