Facilitating the evolution of the standard of healthcare from one of managing disease to one of fostering health.

Yoga Therapy

yoga therapy is the specific application of yogic tools

Heal Chronic Pain

Manage Anxiety & Depression

Support Other Illness

Integrative Yoga Therapy

Yoga is inherently therapeutic.

Whereas conventional medicine looks at health problems in an isolated systemic way, Integrative Yoga Therapeutics works with an understanding of the living system and it’s relationships, seeing the body as an integrated fluid organism. The therapeutic application of yoga combines yoga asana, breathwork, Eastern and Western movement disciplines and meditation to access the subtle levels of our being. Hands on adjustments are part of this process.

benefits of Integrative Yoga Therapy include:

  • Improves our overall health, wellness, and well-being.
  • Manages physical ailments 
  • Reduces stress & improve sleep quality
  • Deepens the awareness and balance of our body and mind increasing our immunity and health performance
  • In need of a posture tune-up
  • Helps people suffering from headaches or neck pain

James Foulkes, C-IAYT

James Foulkes has been studying personal development for more than 13 years. His diverse set of practices includes Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong, Kung Fu and shamanic movement practices as well as Cranial Sacral Therapy and Chinese Medicine. James enjoys finding parallels between these practices and feels the basis of them is unity, integration and wholeness. He works with groups and individuals in Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kung Fu and body conditioning, Integrated Yoga Therapeutics & Cranial Sacral Therapy. 

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