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Services & Telehealth

Private Services, Therapies and Telehealth Sessions with
Health professionals and industry experts

mental health counseling

A licensed clinical mental health professional will work with you to develop a personalized approach to address stress, anxiety, life transitions, sleep, adjustment to medical issues, or other stress-related conditions by understanding how the mind impacts physical well-being and overall health.


Sessions with Dr. Alloway include a thorough examination, leading to a correct diagnosis and proper treatment protocols that are implemented in a timely and appropriate manner. Dr. Alloway’s goal is for you to attain optimal physical functioning given your medical history, genetics and your willingness to adapt practices to help you heal from whatever challenges you are facing. Dr. Alloway’s strength is helping you discover a way to attain your health goals. His practice is diversely holistic providing you with an individualized, self-directed, self-actualization program to attain your personal health goals.

Cranial-Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a light touch noninvasive healing practice which brings the body back into physiological and energetic balance. The practitioner works with the clients central nervous system and the Cranial Rhythmic Tides to release compression in those areas, diminish stress and pain, and bring about profound changes in the clients system.

The Mindfulness Center

Clinical hypnosis

Hypnosis can be used to promote physical or emotional health, including gastro-intestinal disorders, skin conditions, pain, Attention-Deficit disorder, cancer, allergies, anxiety and phobias, weight control, smoking cessation and substance use. We offer hypnotherapy as an element of our integrative approach to empowering the healing capacity of your own mind-body.

Private meditation

Cultivate a balanced and powerful inner tranquility, through guided and customized meditation practice. You will discover the keys to releasing stress, anxiety, pain, grief or loss and discover peacefulness and joy.  Research shows that meditation has a powerful effect on your brain, balancing biochemistry, improving self-regulation, moods, sleep, wellbeing and enhancing memory and cognitive functions

Medical Qigong

Medical Qigong Therapy is a form of healing energy therapy that incorporates the diagnostic and energetic balancing principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the energy sensing and intuitive healing abilities of the Medical Qigong Therapist to boost the body’s immune function, reduce stress levels and allow healing to occur in a totally non-invasive manner.

Stress reduction

The Mindfulness Center offers one-on-one intensive training in stress reduction techniques. Learn stress management and relaxation techniques to relieve tension, calm anxiety and gain a feeling of control over the causes of stress. With knowledge of a range of stress management techniques and other lifestyle skills, you can develop a personalized approach to managing stress in your life and gaining control. 


Reiki is a natural and safe energy therapy that uses a light touch to promote relaxation and stress reduction, restore balance, eliminate blockages, support the immune system, and foster all around healing and well-being.

Yoga (Private Sessions)

Private yoga sessions offer a personalized approach to
your practice, allowing you to deepen the connection with yourself, work on the poses and stretches that make sense for you, and help you reach your yoga and life objectives on your schedule and at your own pace. 

Yoga Therapy

The therapeutic application of yoga combines yoga asana, breathwork, Eastern and Western movement disciplines and meditation to access the subtle levels of our being. This holistic approach to Yoga as Therapy works with all abilities, all ages, all levels of experience and any health condition or medical concern.