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Wellness Workshops, Continuing Education & APD's

Learn evidence-based mind-body practice for optimal well-being

Upcoming Workshops

Our virtual wellness workshops help to restore your sense of balance, ease, and well-being. And continuing education programs advance your professional development, providing CEU’s. Take the time to nurture yourself, learn a new practice, advance your professional skillset, or simply have fun empowering your health in the comfort of your home. When you take the time  for yourself, not only do you increase your resiliency, but you are also better able to care for the people in your life!

Featured Workshops With Dr. Norris

Mind-Body practices for chronic pain

Our workshop offerings bridge the science and practice of mind-body therapies, drawing from the fields of yoga, nutrition, exercise physiology, neuroscience, psychology, and more, to explain the power of the mind and personal practice to find relief from chronic pain.

The Mindfulness Center

Mind-Body Practices for Cancer

The Mind-Body for Cancer program teaches evidence-based Mind-Body practices based on current scientific research, for improving quality of life and rates of survival for cancer patients.

Meditation as Therapy

Explore the science of mind-body healing, from research to practice. Uncover the mechanisms of action, clinical outcomes and active ingredients of mindfulness practices in this fascinating workshop with
health expert Deborah Norris, Ph.D.

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