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Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy

Mindfulness based psychotherapy:  Helping To Find Balance And Overall Well Being

Stress Reduction

More Control Over Your Thoughts

Improved Mood

Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy

Helping to find balance and overall well being.

Tania, a licensed professional counselor, will work with you to develop a personalized approach to address stress, anxiety, life transitions, sleep, adjustment to medical issues, or other stress-related conditions by understanding how the mind impacts physical well-being and overall health. Regardless of what brings you to therapy, sessions allow you to gain self-awareness and learn ways to better navigate life situations.

benefits of Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy include:

  • Reduced rumination. 
  • Decrease in anxiety,
  • Relationship satisfaction.
  • Mindfulness meditation affects our ability to focus attention and suppress distracting information.

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Tania Lanning (Golocovsky) M.S, LGPC, LMT, RY-200

Are you looking for a customized session to help with stress and pain management? Interested in support strengthening your mindfulness practice and mind-body awareness?

Tania is available for Integrative Wellness Therapy (IWT) Telehealth sessions. An IWT session is an individualized mindfulness-based program that includes psychotherapy, mind-body awareness, and stress management techniques with goals uniquely developed for each client. Each session runs between 50-70 minutes and will include the development and implementation of a wellness plan.

Tania is an LGPC, mental health psychotherapist, licensed massage therapist, yoga and mindfulness teacher, and reiki practitioner with over 14 years of practicing in the wellness community. Her integrative approach combines numerous holistic therapies including mental health counseling, psychodrama, mindfulness meditation, yoga, and wellness consultation. She uses a strength-centered, empowerment model, with an energetic and creative approach to stress and pain management, oncology care, and women’s wellness.

Tania believes strongly in reinforcing mind-body dialogue and mindfulness as a daily practice. Drawing from our bodies’ innate wisdom, one can achieve deeper self-awareness and insight that aligns with our greater purpose.

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