Facilitating the evolution of the standard of healthcare from one of managing disease to one of fostering health.

Community programs

TMC Community Programs bring Mindfulness to worksites, schools and communities in need.

corporate wellness

Mindfulness and worksite wellness programs are shown to improve the wellbeing and productivity of employees while promoting leadership skills and improving your bottom line.


Mindfulness programs in schools are shown to improve student learning outcomes, promote positive social and emotional development and equip children with lifelong skills to achieve success.

mother's haven

An evidence-based mindfulness program to support mothers in recovery and keep families drug-free.


As a nonprofit, TMC provides scholarships and financial aid to qualifying individuals.  Your donations support this initiatives to make healthcare and wellness education accessible to all! 


TMC’s Veteran Reintegration Program provides instruction and training in mindfulness based practices to veterans, promoting health, fitness and resiliency.