Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training: Online Program

Featuring Dr. Deborah Norris


Cultivating a Community of Mindfulness

It is with great excitement that we expand our longstanding in-person Meditation Teacher Training Certification program with Dr. Deborah Norris to a community of fellow meditators across the globe. This comprehensive online training program features Professor Deborah Norris, Ph.D. founder of The Mindfulness Center™, and Director of the American University Psychobiology of Healing program.

The powerful personal and social benefits of meditation expand far beyond the restrictions of time and place, so we see every reason that you too should be able to expand your practice and your ability to share your experiences with others. This online certification program is modeled after the immersive experience of our on-site training offered at The Mindfulness Center, located in the Washington, D.C. metro area. From the comfort of your own home, and on your own schedule, you can now join our online community, and experience the same scientific and psychological depth as our professional on-site Meditation Teacher Training program. Upon completion of the program, you will be a certified meditation teacher by The Mindfulness Center.  Continuing education credits are also available.

By joining our community to become a certified meditation teacher, you will:

•Deepen your understanding of meditation through both informational content and experiential practice
•Receive professional mentoring, including personal "office hours", and live and recorded group conversations.
•Explore a multimedia library rich in information on the science, practice, and application of mindfulness in healthcare, education, worksites, and other applications
•Access and learn from the abundance of scientific evidence on the benefits of mindfulness
•Learn about the benefits of different types of mediation practices
•Learn the skills to apply mindfulness practices to relationships and situations of conflict, trauma, and behavioral change.
•Join a community of people who share your same interest in mindfulness
•Establish the tools, experience, and guidance to further your own mindfulness practice

$1700.00 / PER PERSON
(Group rates available, for any questions please inquire on the link below)


Who are the students?

We warmly welcome and encourage individuals from across the globe to enroll in the online meditation teacher training program. Meditation is a practice that bonds us all together in a powerful and healing transformation.

This certification program is especially beneficial for health care providers, mental health professionals, and educators who are interested in incorporating mindfulness and meditation into a professional setting. It is also valuable for those looking to take control of their personal health through a greater understanding of the mind-body connection, or to deepen their connection to the people and the environment around them through increased awareness and mindfulness.

We’re also very excited to announce a social network exclusive to students of our online training. Once you enroll in the program, you will gain immediate access to a community page to easily connect with fellow students any time, any place. 

This comprehensive online training program features Professor Deborah Norris, Ph.D. founder of The Mindfulness Center™, and Director of the American University Psychobiology of Healing program.

This comprehensive online training program features Professor Deborah Norris, Ph.D. founder of The Mindfulness Center™, and Director of the American University Psychobiology of Healing program.

Why Study Meditation?

Engage in humanity's shift towards consious awareness and cultivate a more compassionate world.

The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness
Modern scientific research is constantly unearthing new and revolutionary uses for mindfulness practices in the fields of medicine, education, mental health, business, athletics, the arts, and more. 

A Growing Market
Individuals are beginning to incorporate meditation and other awareness practices into their personal and professional lives to benefit the health of their minds, bodies, relationships, families, and work.

Popular Demand for Practitioners
Popular interest in mindfulness practices has dramatically spiked across the world, creating an ever-growing need for experienced and dedicated teachers to offer these practices with knowledge, clarity, and wisdom.

Engage in Healing Yourself and Your Community
Individuals who practice mindfulness find they approach life with more reverence and with a newfound compassion for the environment and people around them. This allows practitioners to actively engage with healing their environment, whether it be on a personal or community level.

To meet the world’s growing demands for mindfulness and to expand the individualized benefits of meditation, the Online Meditation Teacher Training Program allows you to:

•Deepen and strengthen your own personal meditation practice
•Describe your meditation experience to enhance and strengthen the experience of others
•Develop confidence in conducting individual and group meditation sessions with students
•Craft meditations that enhance feelings of forgiveness, compassion, healing, loving kindness, joy, peace, and more
•Overcome resistance and move forward in your own journey using mindfulness tools
•Cultivate a strong and supportive community through engaging classes and workshops


No matter who you are, where you are joining us from, or why you are here, you will:

Gain Experience
Gain greater experience with and awareness of the practice of mindfulness meditation

Become a Guide
Learn how to guide others to and through powerful mindfulness experiences

Use the Scientific Method
Be prepared to use the language of modern medical science to discuss the mechanisms, active ingredients, and clinical outcomes of meditation

Teach Others
Develop the ability to provide practical advice and guidance to others who wish to learn the practice of meditation


Come to use the breath and other mindfulness tools to restore presence in the field of awareness

Becoming a meditation teacher is a wonderful and natural step for the experienced meditation practitioner, with all kinds of opportunities to share your teachings in schools, hospitals, places of business and elsewhere. Whether you are a teacher, healthcare provider, or business leader, the Science of Mindful Awareness, meditation teacher training program will open up opportunities for you.

The Science of Mindful Awareness/Meditation Teacher Training is an evidence-based program, using research on best practices. We explore research on specific benefits of the practices, clinical benefits in health care; social, emotional and academic benefits for students, treatments of trauma and stress, and research on mindful leaders.


How Does The Program Work?

MTT Online is a Self Paced Program with an International Community.

ONLINE Classroom

The online nature of this program allows students to enroll in and begin the program at any time. This flexibility allows students to begin learning when it feels naturally right for them, rather than having to rearrange already busy schedules to fit in another commitment or to wait until a course is offered at an opportune time. 

The Program Includes:

•Scripting and delivering guided meditations
•Interacting with others to guide them into meditation
•Instruction on how to teach meditation in differing and unique circumstances
•Lessons on the science and theory of mindfulness
•Special emphasis on mindfulness in health care and education

160 Hours, Self Paced

The Meditation Teacher Training program is presented in three sections, each of which takes approximately 40-60 hours to complete, totaling 140 hours. The final 20 hours required for completion of the program engage you in a community service project. Support for selecting your community service activity is provided in the curriculum, and offers you the opportunity to pursue a service activity that serves your passion.



Our life-changing online training program requires an investment of only $1,700. Begin today and you will have access to:

•Direct access to communicate with Dr. Norris and other faculty.
•18 months of access to comprehensive mindfulness meditation training materials
•Research resources rich in information on the science, practice, and application of mindfulness in health care, education, worksites, trauma care, prisons and more.
•A textbook to aid and guide your focus as you move through the course
•Video lessons to accompany each section of the course
•Audio recordings of guided meditation and instructional meditation
•An engaging and supportive social network of global mindfulness students and teachers
•Payment plans and a limited number of partial scholarships are also available for interested participants. Please contact the program regitstrar for more information on payment plans and scholarships or for any further questions (

Deepening your meditation practice through this program allows you to fuel the evolution of your own being while finding the empowerment to lead others in aligning with the flow.
Upon completing this program, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion of the Meditation Teacher Training from The Mindfulness Center. We welcome all interested students to join us on this journey of education and sharing and look forward to engaging with you in our community of dedicated learners.

In appreciation,
Dr. Deborah Norris and The Mindfulness Center

For any questions, please contact Roxanne at


Q. What type of meditation do you teach, and why is this the most beneficial type of meditation?

A. Research is showing that different types of meditation practices have different effects. For example, mantra meditation which focuses on the repetition of words facilitates growth in the parts of the brain that regulate language. Meditation that focuses on self-awareness facilitates growth in parts of the brain affecting self-control and self-regulation. Self-compassion practices were found equally effective in activating regions of the brain that regulate mood, emotion, and physical well-being. Research by Dr. Norris and others is showing that meditation that focuses on cultivating compassionate self-awareness and self-regulation have the most profound beneficial effects on our mental and physical health. Meditation focused on self-awareness through the breath and other interoceptive stimuli activate parts of the brain that promote coordination of healing mechanisms of the body, and thus have been found to have the most significant healing benefits (Lazar, 2014).

In addition to affecting structural changes in the brain, mindfulness practices have been shown to activate biochemical changes in the brain and throughout the body, associated with well-being, including increased circulating levels of serotonin and endorphins, and decreased stress hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol. Dr. Norris teaches students to cultivate a personal practice that is most rewarding to themselves. By tuning in to the capacity for self-regulation, students are able to self-modulate the focus of their practice, and find optimal well-being in this self-care practice.

Q. Can I participate in this training for the purpose of deepening my own personal practice, and not for the certification?

A. Yes. You can take the Online Meditation Teacher Training program for the purposes of deepening your personal practice. You will also have the opportunity to join a community of like-minded people from all over the world, and to learn the most up-to-date information on the science of mindfulness.

Q. Do you offer CE’s or CEU’s for any professions?

A. Yes. The National Association of Social Workers offers CE's for Social Workers, Psychologists, Clinical Counselors and other counseling professionals. Yoga teachers may receive CEU’s with Yoga Alliance. Independent study credit hours may be arranged through the American University or your own university.

Q. If I have paid for the course, will there be any other expenses for me to receive my teacher certification?

A. The course registration fee covers all of the required and elective courses, up to 140 hours of coursework, and supervision for 20 hours of community service teaching meditation. Students may attend retreats and workshops with Dr. Norris for an additional cost. In some instances, these retreats and workshops may be counted towards the hours for completion of the certification. Students enrolled in the online program who wish to attend the onsite training classes may pay a small additional fee to enroll in a hybrid program. Students who do not complete the training program within 18 months of joining may pay a small monthly fee to maintain enrollment and to continue to participate in all of the training activities, and to have access to the training materials, including timely updates.

Q. How long do I have to complete the requirements to obtain a teacher certificate?

A. Learning to teach meditation to others is a transformative process in and of itself. Permit yourself the time that it takes to undergo this transformation, so that you may enjoy the process. It is possible to complete the training within several months. Once you enroll, you will have access to the training materials and the community for 18 months. If you need more time than that, you may continue in the program for a small monthly fee as long as needed.

Q. Is there a certificate of completion or other credential obtained for the classes taken?

A. Yes. The Mindfulness Center provides a Certificate of Completion of the Meditation Teacher Training. Teaching meditation is not presently a licensed or otherwise regulated program.


I very much enjoyed the one-on- one portion of the class. Working on a personal basis with Laura really allowed us to develop a safe place where we could experiment with technique, and we developed a relationship in which we could offer praise and helpful suggestions, and truly begin to develop our guiding skills.
— MJ: SOMA Online Student
I can’t believe how much I am learning about the amazing ways that mindfulness affects our brains – and not just our brains, but our whole body! Dr. Norris has such a clear and understandable way of presenting this fascinating material. I’m learning so much, and can’t wait to begin teaching it to others!
— JP: SOMA Online Student
Hi Dr. Norris, I wanted to reach out because I am finishing section 3. I am starting my one on one sessions this week! Yahoo:) The reason I wanted to reach out was because I truly enjoyed your video and mentioning dog therapy and the heart connection with veterans. I have an 11 year old Therapy Dog and I take her into the nursing home to visit with the patients, including the individuals who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It is amazing to watch the connection between the person and Marely. The staff and myself are always amazed at how the patients with Alzheimer’s begin to be flooded with memories of when they once had a dog. I truly believe in the heart connection with animals. I personally have seen this amazing connection. As I have the same connection with my three dogs and I must say it is a love I have for them and they have for me and my husband. Thank You for this amazing class and sharing the importance of opening hearts and the connection with animals. I am very happy that I am getting my certification from your program.
— AP: SOMA Online Student
It has been a great course and it is fantastic that I have been able to do it online - I live across the planet in New Zealand.
— TS: SOMA Online Student
I want to express my most sincere gratitude (can you feel my heart vibrations from Connecticut?). This course and I came together in such an important part of my life - I know that I was ready to take on the content and the practice! I’ve enjoyed all elements of the coursework and my only wish is that I lived closer so that I could attend some of the classes held at the center.
— MS: SOMA Online Student

(Should you have any questions in regards to our MTTO program, please inquire on the link below)