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Mindfulness for Stress Reduction for Families /
Reducción del Estrés con Mindfulness Actividades Paras Familias

Mindfulness empowers famlies to relieve stress, overcome trauma, and live happier healthier lives!

SOMA: The Science of Mindful Awareness

(available in English and Spanish)

Presented by: 
The Mindfulness Center
Deborah Norris, Ph.D.

This program provides evidence-based best-practices for relieving stress, empowering resilience, and overcoming trauma. Healing and transformation using mindfulness-based skills and practices is nurtured in a sanctuary of safe-space and a community of compassion and understanding. Development of this evidence-based program was informed by research, practice and education in neuroscience, psychology, resiliency, stress, management, and personal experience.

Cost is $4,000. (Per school Without Interpreter - $4,800 with interpreter)


  • To cultivate mindfulness-based practices that create emotional and physical safety and build resilience.
  • To relieve stress, build resilience, overcome trauma.
  • To learn self-awareness tools to enhance self-care, self-regulation and self-control.
  • To strengthen family bonds and sense of community.
  • By personally embracing skills of mindfulness practices, become an oasis of equanimity capable of enhancing resilience and pivoting the arc of students’ lives.

This course works with families to help them to envision 
future where Every Child Thrives.


Our Mindfulness For Families program teaches you and your loved ones practices for relieving stress, empowering resilience, and overcoming trauma, while also providing you with the science behind the practice. Our evidence-based programs offer profound benefits for students and families of all ages.



A sense of connection and community its an active ingredient of all effective trauma-informed teachings. Community support is an essential ingredient in healthy liviing, and a foundation of mindfulness teachings.  All of our programs incorporate an element of community.  


Self-empowerment begins with the act of becoming mindful. Empowered individuals are more resilient to the challenges of life, and are capable of setting and achieving personal goals. The self-empowered iindiiviidual has the tools and the vision to overcome past traumas and navigate life’s adversities on the path to success.  

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Mindfulness practices have proven to relieve stress, and reverse the 
long-term effects of trauma.

Relieve stress, build resilience, overcome trauma.