Medical Qigong

60 MINUTES $120 • 90 MINUTES $165

Medical Qigong Therapy (MQT) originated 5,000 years ago and was the first of the four branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), predating Acupressure, Acupuncture and Herbalism. MQT is a form of healing energy therapy that incorporates the diagnostic and energetic balancing principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the energy sensing and intuitive healing abilities of the Medical Qigong Therapist to boost the body's immune function, reduce stress levels and allow healing to occur in a totally non-invasive manner.

The client lies on a table while remaining fully clothed and, with closed eyes, gently follows the flow of energy, sensations or thoughts that occurs during the session. The Medical Qigong Therapist works around established TCM protocols to achieve energetic balance within the body by purging stagnant energy, filling with new universal energy and regulating all the energy throughout the body. The client is then given Medical Qigong exercises or meditations to practice at home. Generally the client feels a profound sense of calm after a treatment. For more information about Medical Qigong Therapy visit

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+ Mike Basdavanos

Mike is a Medical Qigong Therpist, Dpl. in Asian Bodywork Therapy, NCCAOM, CAOBTA, and a licensed massage therapist. Mike received Taoist ordination (Tian Ming) from Master Wang Yen-nien and permission to teach Taijiquan and meditation from Master Wang. Mike is presently completing a doctorate degree in Medical Qigong with Ted Cibik, Ph.D., N.D., D.M.Q.; and he continues studies with John Cole, L.Ac.

Mike is a skilled Medical Qi Gong practitioner. His is a holistic approach to the person he is treating. He has the knowledge to zero in on what needs to be addressed. I feel fortunate to be receiving his care. - Lynn Isackson
I want to express my profound gratitude to Mike Basdavanos, at The Mindfulness Center, for taking good care of me and for his patience and understanding during the rehabilitation treatment for my left foot and ankle. He was so professional right from my first visit to the end. My level of mobility has improved tremendously under his care and his treatment. He is a powerful healer with a great deal of experience in Medical QiGong Therapy and I would unhesitatingly recommend him to any persons needing advancement into their health and well being. - Aneesa Hameed