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Mindfulness Exercises for Pre-K to 12th Grade 
Students & for teachers

Presented By: SOMA: The Science of mindful awareness


Community Focused


Social & Emotional Learning For Schools

Presented by: The Mindfulness Center ® Featuring: Deborah Norris, Ph.D.

While the Covid-19 pandemic is a collective trauma felt internationally, students and teachers are particularly experiencing even greater challenges and greatly increased stress. The Mindfulness Center is providing mindfulness-based stress relief exercises to support students and teachers in need. This program provides students and teachers with mindfulness-based exercises for stress relief and well-being.

Course Objectives:

  • To cultivate mindfulness-based practices that create emotional and physical safety and build resilience.
  • To learn self-awareness tools to enhance self-care, self-regulation and self-control.
  • By personally embracing SEL skills of mindfulness practices, become an oasis of equanimity capable of enhancing resilience and pivoting the arc of a child’s life.

Teaching Students and staff mindfulness skills to manage their own stress enhances resilience and provides life-long social and emotional skills.

COST: $1,000 per school

Program Includes

  • Early Childhood (Preschool to Kindergarten)
  • Early Elementary (Kindergarten to 2nd grade)
  • Elementary (3rd to 5th grade)
  • Secondary Education (6th to 12th grade)
  • Neuro-Diverse Youth
  • Parents, Teachers & Care Givers of All Ages
  • Breathing exercises to regulate energy and rebalance the nervous system
  • Mindful movements intended to relieve stress, reduce symptoms of anxiety, and promote physical activity
  • Meditation practices to develop techniques for self-regulation, interoception, self-calming, and improved executive function skills
  • Guided relaxation to promote healthy strategies for rest and recovery

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This program provides students and teachers with mindfulness-based exercises for stress relief and well-being.

Cultivate mindfulness-based practices that create emotional and physical safety and build resilience.