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Shakti Mat

Acupressure Mat

US $75.65

If you suffer from chronic pain, tech neck, headaches, body stiffness or stress, the acupressure mat is for you. The Shakti Acupressure Mat simulates acupuncture benefits by stimulating pressure points that activate points across the body to foster deep relaxation. Made with organic cotton and natural dyes, it’s a great sustainable choice. 

Intelligent Change

The Five Minute Journal

US $29.99

The simplest thing you can do to start your day happier by focusing on the positive and becoming more mindful. The Five Minute Journal’s guided and structured exercises will lead you down a path toward an enhanced version of the person you already are. 

I Know Collection

Affirmation Deck

US $15.99

Start nurturing self-confidence, positivity, and courage, leaving behind everything that keeps you from reaching your goals. The Dreamers Deck contains 40 unique affirmations meant to guide you in harnessing the power of your mind and confidence and may help you reach a state of mindfulness to attract positive energy and manifest strength, courage, kindness, wealth, and success, revealing the power of manifestation. 


Large Weekly Supplement Container

US $12.99

7 roomy compartments for your weekly pills. Designed with airtight rubber o-rings, this pill box can guard your pill tablets from moisture or water, keep them dry and cool. The bottom shell can be used as small water cup when taking medicine outdoors. Made of No Gluten grain fiber, this pill organizer is not only good for protecting our environment on earth, but also keeping your medicine from being contaminated by different kinds of hazardous substances on plastics.


Off Switch for Menstrual Pain

US $124.00

Livia Off Switch helps women suffering from period pain by sending mild, non-painful electrical pulses through the surface of skin and along your nerve pathways, to essentially distract your brain with the vibrations and block out your periods pain signals. 


Organic Cotton Tampons

US $15.99

Organic pesticide-free cotton tampons sourced from Europe instead of conventional cotton, which uses synthetic pesticides

Intelligent Change

Let's Get Closer

US $36.00

An easy-to-play card game that cultivates relationships by engaging friends, family members, couples, or even those who have just met in deep and meaningful conversations. The cards are separated into three levels: Close, Closer, Closest. Each progressive level poses questions that become more personal, challenging players to share and strengthen their bond.


Light Therapy Lamp

US $22.99

Sun lamps help decrease anxiety and improve the moods of those with seasonal affective disorder. A studyTrusted Source found that a sun lamp — which mimics natural outdoor light — may help to improve mood and decrease depression and anxiety in those with major depressive disorder with seasonal patterns, or seasonal affective disorder.


Ear Cleaner Cleaning Kit

US $5.89

Different from the cotton swabs which may further push the wax into the ear, the scoop shaped ear pick can remove buildup earwax effectively. The cucullar and spiral double-head design earpick can help you massage the ear canal and relieve itching.

Felix Gray

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

US $95.00

Filtering Blue Light and eliminating glare may help to combat Digital Eye Strain. Blue Light is emitted by most modern, digital devices, and may be linked to eye strain, sleep cycle disruption, and potentially macular degeneration. Glare creates unnecessary feedback that enters into our eyes and can cause it stress. Blue light after dark from screens and monitors, can also disrupt your natural sleep patterns and make it harder to fall asleep. Thats why we recommend having a good pair of blue light blocking glasses. 

Better Back

Correct Posture

US $59.99

BetterBack allows you to effortlessly sit in perfect posture, easing back pain—and helping prevent it. Lightweight and portable, BetterBack posture therapy fits in your bag and makes every chair ergonomic. Ease back pain and retrain your posture

Oxygen Health Systems

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

US $13,499.00

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, also called HBOT, is a painless, medical therapy that enhances the body’s natural healing process by breathing in 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber. By providing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber, HBOT delivers 10-15 times more oxygen to tissues within the body. The increase in oxygen supply during a HBOT treatment allows for numerous scientifically proven benefits including stoping the aging of blood cells and reverses the aging process.

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Beauty & Skincare

Taking care of your skin is an essential life skill. The skin is an important route of absorption. You only put the best foods in your mouth, and you only want the healthiest products on your skin. Browse our top nontoxic skincare picks, and know that you are nourishing yourself – inside and out!


Exercise is one of the top five essential lifestyle activities (tell me you know the other four!) to keep you healthy and happy. The right equipment is essential. Our favorite fitness products will help keep you on your journey of health and fitness. 


Wellness is a physical, mental, and spiritual state of equilibrium.  As the world evolves around us, we are continuously mindful to get back In the Flow.  Our favorite wellness products help us to maintain balance in a world of change. 

Food & Home

Health starts at home, from the products we rely on every day, to the food we put into our body. Here is a list of some of our personal favorite household and food products. Using guidance from the EWG and the USEPA, we have chosen products to keep you healthy and happy at home.

Hair Health

Explore our list of favorite products, brands, and lines we use and think you’ll love for your hair care and hairstyling routine. Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp and gentle ingredients to nourish without stripping hair.


Supplements can provide essential nutrients to enhance a healthy diet and lifestyle. Research shows, some supplements can support your health and wellbeing, benefiting areas such as sleep, digestion, metabolism, recovery and the immune system. We have chosen our very favorite must- haves from our medicine cabinets.