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Infrared Suana Blanket

US $500.00

According to Mayo Clinic, infrared saunas have been considered a potential treatment for a number of chronic health problems including high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease. Infrared sauna technology is believed to decrease muscle tension and inflammation, improve sleep and relaxation, and detoxify your body seven times more than a traditional sauna. 


Smart Cordless Jump Rope + Donute

US $54.95

The SmartRope Rookie + Donut is a cordless SmartRope, designed for your home fitness. Work out in your living room without noise or scratches to your floor. No more rope tangle. The SmartRope Rookie records and analyzes exercise data through SmartRope App which automatically records exercise data, jump counts, calories, duration and goal achievement.


Hyperice X

US $449.00

Tackle your pain and inflammation with the power of cold therapy, or turn up the heat to reduce tension and aches. Hyperice X has an adaptive fit that moves with you freely. Enjoy fully automated, electric contrast therapy at home or on the go, with no prep, no ice, and no cords. 


Ankle Weights

US $49.00

Add comfortable hands-free resistance weights to your workouts and daily activities with these fashionable ankle and wrist weights. 


Mini Massage Gun

US $49.00

This mini massage gun packs all the power of an expensive $400+ massage gun into a frame just slightly larger than a tv remote for only $49 (at the time of this post). We love using this for everything from an intense workout at the gym to a long day sitting at the desk. Don’t mistake the miniature size for minuscule efficiency. The lightweight massager holds its own with up to 3,200 vibrations per minute — for reference, Theragun designs max out at 2,400 reps per minute — and a battery that can run for up to six hours.


Airtight 7/8 Leggings

US $114.00

Made from micro-performance double-knit Airlift fabric, these moisture-wicking leggings have a second-skin fit and feel that sculpts and smooths like no other. Hits at the ankle on petites and pairs perfectly with your fave pair of sneakers or slides.


PRO Yoga Mat

US $129.00

The #1 mat recommended by teachers worldwide, built to last a lifetime. Ultra-dense cushioning provides superior support, stability and joint protection. Closed-cell material seals out moisture and bacteria. Easy to disinfect and clean. Meticulously crafted in Germany. OEKO-TEX certified.


Recovery Air Compression JetBoots

US $899.00

Best in world compression. Therabody’s 2nd generation cordless easy-to-use pneumatic compression system makes it easy for anybody to  recover faster. Sit back and relax as each boot sequentially compresses the leg to increase circulation and reduce soreness and fatigue more globally in the body.

Under Armour

Adult Sports Mask

US $44.99

This mask was made by Under Armour specifically for athletes. The designs ensure that the fabric sits up and off of the face and lips so that you get the airflow you need, a cool feel, and the best fit for running or training. Plus, you can wear the mask in any weather, since the material is water-resistant.


Under Desk Elliptical Machine

US $239.00

Help burn calories, lose weight, and boost your energy all while you sit! This under-desk elliptical is made for all levels and provides low to no impact on joints. The Cubii JR is ergonomically made to fit seamlessly under your desk. It also connects to a mobile app, Fitbit, and Apple HealthKit to track, share, and compete. 


Foam Roller 3-Pack

US $99.99

Foam roller wheels strengthen the muscles around the spine which supports the discs which helps relieve pressure on the spinal cord/nerve roots and may slightly reduce the bulge/continued leakage of the nucleus. The wheels correct the curvature of the spine which improves posture and helps restore a healthy S-curve resulting in reduced strain.


Deep Blue Rub

US $52.99

This topical cream is loaded with natural plant extracts, essential oils, and other body-loving ingredients that melt away tension in muscles and joints.  We love the roll-on option as this makes it easy to target localized pain. Also, beloved by gold medal-winning US Olympic athlete Jamie Anderson.

Simple Modern

1-Gallon Stainless Steel Bottle

US $54.28

This water bottle has everything you need to stay hydrated throughout the day. Simple Modern’s 1 Gallon Stainless Steel water bottle is made from Food Grade Stainless steel with copper coating insulation, free from BPA forever chemicals, and comes with a sweat/burn-free exterior meaning hot liquids will never impact the bottle’s exterior. 

Goodonya Hydrate

Organic Electrolyte Hydration

US $28.60

GOODONYA is a registered California Benefit Corporation created by former Olympic athlete turned Nutrionist, Kris Fillat Buchanan. Organic Electrolyte and Hydration Powder is made with pure Himalayan pink salt, coconut water powder, and other sea minerals to provide electrolytes in the ratio that nature created, supplying you with the trace minerals your body needs daily. 


10' Inflatable Paddleboard Bundle

US $349.00

Get out in the water more with this stylish 10′ inflatable paddleboard from Retrospec. Constructed from durable, ArmorStrength PVC, this paddleboard fares better when in contact with rocks, shoals, and any dings that can occur along the way. Carry up to 250 pounds, and weighs an ultralight 17 pounds when inflated. 

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Beauty & Skincare

Taking care of your skin is an essential life skill. The skin is an important route of absorption. You only put the best foods in your mouth, and you only want the healthiest products on your skin. Browse our top nontoxic skincare picks, and know that you are nourishing yourself – inside and out!


Exercise is one of the top five essential lifestyle activities (tell me you know the other four!) to keep you healthy and happy. The right equipment is essential. Our favorite fitness products will help keep you on your journey of health and fitness. 


Wellness is a physical, mental, and spiritual state of equilibrium.  As the world evolves around us, we are continuously mindful to get back In the Flow.  Our favorite wellness products help us to maintain balance in a world of change. 

Food & Home

Health starts at home, from the products we rely on every day, to the food we put into our body. Here is a list of some of our personal favorite household and food products. Using guidance from the EWG and the USEPA, we have chosen products to keep you healthy and happy at home.

Hair Health

Explore our list of favorite products, brands, and lines we use and think you’ll love for your hair care and hairstyling routine. Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp and gentle ingredients to nourish without stripping hair.


Supplements can provide essential nutrients to enhance a healthy diet and lifestyle. Research shows, some supplements can support your health and wellbeing, benefiting areas such as sleep, digestion, metabolism, recovery and the immune system. We have chosen our very favorite must- haves from our medicine cabinets.